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Being Uncomfortable by Andrii Cherniavskyi

I had to communicate with people from different walks of life in every place I visited. Despite our different capabilities and incomes, I discovered that we all follow the same principles and rules that unite us. This lesson emphasized the fact that despite our differences, we are all equal, no matter what we are. When we were in Washington, I felt awe and wonder standing among the historical significance of Washington. It was cool to realize that significant decisions that shape the country’s path were made within these walls. It gave me confidence, and an understanding of what to strive for, that life is for a reason. I saw a common thread among people in cities across the country. They weren’t afraid to be in the spotlight and were skillful in expressing their ideas. They left a lasting impression with their ability to support their positions with reasonable arguments and strong conviction. I also learned from this that I should not be afraid of anyone, I should stand up for my opinion and be able to support it with meaningful arguments. Every day of the trip forced me to step out of my comfort zone and participate in new events and conversations in English. My confidence grew every day, proving that I could speak and understand English clearly. Each place left its mark on my life, teaching me something new. I look forward to moving through the chapters of my life with a fresh perspective and non-verbal confidence, now that I have learned these lessons.”