Getting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad has been a tiring and wonderful adventure. Ahmedabad, unlike Mumbai, has a very hot and sunny weather. I enjoy sunny places like Ahmedabad because it brings me excitement and happiness. We are slowly learning about the history and influences that took place in Ahmedabad. A very interesting subject that I learned is about Mahatma Gandhi. He is an important figure in India because he led India to independence, civil rights, and freedom. All I know about him before was just his name and a picture of him. I never knew what he really did specifically for India. For what I see, he is a strong leader with determination and support for all of the people. Many people at that time had many restrictions and limitations of freedom. Their issues inspired him to take action to solve the problems that they suffered from. I am glad that I was able to learn a lot about him and his positive impacts for India.

After we learned about Gandhi, we will be learning about the Chhara Community, Casteism, Politics, Mental Health, Inclusiveness, LGBT-Queer, and The Green Straw in India. I am looking forward to learning more about these factors and how they affect individuals in India. I believe that I will have a better understanding and perspective of India rather than failing to perceive the information.