So, today we separated. Of course we were all sad & we wished that we had more time together as a whole group, but I trust the leaders know what they are doing & I trust their reasoning. Although we parted ways this morning, we were able to reunite today when we went to a walkway of shops. Between that, my group got personal as we shared our thoughts, opinions, & feelings about yesterday, a.k.a “The Day of Ghandi”. Yesterday was so awesome & I learnt so much. I have some pictures of some things that I saw.

Today we had some downtime which we wrote in our journals. It was nice to be able to relax & listen to music while I wrote whatever I felt. I think it is important to have times like those where you can be in your own space and do your own thing. Next, we touched on the subjects we will be talking about for the next number of days, & I am so excited. My personal favorite is mental health because I have heard a lot in regard to the subject as well as my very strong interest. The others include inclusiveness, casteism and politics, LGBTQI+, Denotified Tribes, and Minorities in India. Tomorrow we will start with casteism & politics, & how they tie into each other in different areas of India. I cannot wait to see what the next few days bring, as I am already so content with all the new experiences given from the days passed.

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