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Global Perspective by Semen Morgunskyy

Trip to America helped me to open a lot new, interesting, educational and simply superb things. I am very grateful for the opportunity from 360Plus organization and thank you very much for all support. This experience allowed me to see other side of the world, other opportunities and prospectives. It helped me to understand a lot about people, myself, even about animals and things, also about state governing.  I learnt a lot from museums, historical signs, and of course from people. I had obtained a lot of beautiful and unforgettable impressions. I’ve met a lot of different people. I have seen the world. I got other look on the world. Different museums, signs, and architecture amazed me. We’ve attended 4 American cities, and every city was unique. Also unique was obtained experience. All new impressions and knowledge influenced me in good way. Thanks to 360Plus for help to me and others.