Have you ever had that feeling where you are made to be grateful for the life you have, that moment where you start regretting the reason behind most of your complaints, that moment when you see actually how privileged you are?

Well that was me two days back when I was in Zostel Mumbai. My reaction at first was just complaining non-stop, I remember I even taught to myself that my bedroom back home is bigger than the room I had to share, these thoughts kept coming back, Even after we had a great night at the cricket club, We were dancing like it was our last day together. It was not only until the morning after, when Naveen one of my Indian roommates shared that the Zostel is actually the best in Mumbai, he shared how actually the space in our room was bigger than most homes in Mumbai, it was at that exact moment when he said that, I froze and taught to myself how unappreciative I have been, at that moment I literally started to count my blessings and I saw that really I had it easy in life. I mean the room we shared is the size of my bedroom alone and that is including the bathroom. I learnt from that exact moment in room 205 Zostel Mumbai that I actually shed a private tear and saw that sometimes we are quick to judge and criticize but what we are criticizing is actually mini heaven for someone else.

In essence I learnt that I should judge less and try to be more grateful and understanding, I learnt that before I criticize I should put myself in the shoes of someone who has no place to sleep or a smaller place to sleep in.

With all that being said I just want to take this opportunity to thank the 360plus network and leadership for truly such a great opportunity I have received, I know we still have a full two weeks in India and a lifetime as a 360plus alumni and global citizen but already I now have a different perspective of the world and I am more appreciative of the world around me only because of spending a night in Zostel Mumbai and getting to learn from Naveen, who I met through the 360plus Leadership Collective and that is what I truly wanted from this travel experience.

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