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A Wholesome Experience by Kate N.

I am very grateful that I was able to visit America. I was able to see new places by visiting four new cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York. It was a new learning and a new journey for me, which allowed me to learn what happens in cities every day, where it is very noisy and where there is not even a person. It was a great time. I had a great company with whom I could express myself and not to be afraid of anything. It was very interesting to see new museums and listen to the stories of the cities. But waking up very early was not very cool. It was very difficult. We still had to write lyrics, and there was no time during the day, so we had to write at night, so we couldn’t sleep. We went on two or three excursions every day; it was fascinating to look at the exhibits. But it was very difficult when there were excursions before leaving for another city. But when we flew not by plane, but by train, it was very cool, it didn’t clog our ears, there were no sharp landings. I think I should have done the same number of days for each city because there were so much more that I wanted to see in a particular city. For example, in Los Angeles I wanted to spend more time on the Walk of Stars or less time in San Francisco, because the last few days were very boring and there was nothing to do. But still, it was an unforgettable trip that I will never forget and the wonderful people who were with me the whole time!!!