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The Issue of Colorism

A few days ago I meet Atish. Atish is a memeber of the Chara community, an extremely oppressed group in India that are constantly referred to as the community of criminals. This community has faced many struggles ranging from job refusal to people refusing to sell houses to them. Despite these struggles, the Chara community […]


Temporary Goodbyes

Who would of thought that in just one and a half weeks time it would be hard to say goodbye to half of our group for only 6 days. We had all been staying in the same hotel throughout our duration in India and then almost out of the blue we were told that we […]


Magic Bus Ride in a Magical City

The first thing I told myself when I got to India was that I wanted to go visit a school or a community center to get a better grasp of Indian communities. I feel like people always see India’s schools over T.V or media, but for the first time I got to see it for […]