The first thing I told myself when I got to India was that I wanted to go visit a school or a community center to get a better grasp of Indian communities. I feel like people always see India’s schools over T.V or media, but for the first time I got to see it for myself. Today I got to go visit Magic Bus school. Magic Bus focuses on furthering education for underprivileged kids and delaying childhood marriage, since that is a major issue in that community. The experience in itself was very rewarding, but also overwhelming. It was an amazing opportunity to get to sit in the same classroom as the kindergarteners and play a board game of cricket with them and have them wave goodbye and hello vigorously at us as we came and went. Getting to see the school and the village from which the students came from was also truly rewarding. Towards the end it became very hectic as we struggled to get on our bus and leave the school as all the school children were crowding around our bus in hopes to see us. The experience in itself very much allowed me to get to see India on many different levels. Since the school was located in a city, I got to see a city in India for myself and the education system in person which is better then any media outlets pictures.


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