Once, in my childhood I learned and seen the pictures of the MAHATMA GANDHI and his SABARMATHI ASHRAM. Opportunity made me real to see and feel the emotions of the nation where GANDHI lived. As an Indian it’s really important to know that more about MAHATMA. It reminds me to share the things with my new friends in my group which they don’t know. The picture gallery in the ashram makes us to understand more clearly about him. I really came to know about the unknown facts about GANDHI. The presentation before going to the ashram made to so excited towards Gandhi. The ashram was at the banks of the river named SABARMATHI. The view is very cool to see.visited a book museum of Gandhi there were lots of book about Gandhi which was written by different authors. It was so amazing to see the all books and the hand crafted toys of Gandhi and charka makes me to buy them and I really like it. I am just want to tell thanks to Sridhar for the book of Gandhi presented by him.now I can tell that I can a lot about FATHER OF THE NATION. I love the trip and hangout with my new friend and it is important to me to know about the other people culture and traditions.

I like the Gujarati culture and the houses and the sculptures how they built. I like the people they always fond of animals by feeding them food. The people here is most connected to the animals. They have the bird feeding sheds too. One thing about yesterday is I love the Ahmedabad.

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