Since the end of the Leadership Collective is approaching, I decided that it is time to devote one of my last posts to what impressed me most in India, to what will come to mind first every time I think about this country- HUMANS!

Exactly 21 days ago I arrived in India convinced that my way of thinking, my whole life will change in the following month. However, I didn’t actually know what exactly will trigger this change! The monuments? The temples? The beautiful nature? Only a day was enough for me to realize that the answer is one- the people! It was an immense pleasure to walk along the hectic streets, smile at people and see them warmly smiling back to me! It was exceptionally exciting to spend a night on a train and practice my Hindi skills with locals! I will never forget the whole history class I had on the plane by a college professor on our way to Delhi!

I will keep forever in my heart all the inspirational members of Sauhard in Ahmedabad who proved me that youngsters have the power to actually do great things! I will always remember the deep and honest eyes of the children from all the schools we visited!
It has been almost a month since I am here now, and I can wholeheartedly say that India has the power to change people’s lives, the humans of India has that power! There is only one thing I am extremely worried about right now- in just a day, I will have to pack my luggage and I am wondering how I am going to bring my brand new belief in humanity and kindness back home!

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