Spent an amazing day today . No wonders why we call Taj Mahal as one of the 7 wonders . At 7am in the morning we left for Agra , a place that I personally adore ! It was a hard time in the sun though at the end of the day it feels like all of it was worth it !

All of us together and with us was the Taj Mahal . We learnt a lot about the history of this incredibly beautiful palace . I felt happy, it was a mixed kind of a feeling because it was super hot out there but the only thing that kept me going was that beautiful palace. The calligraphy , the rich architecture of the palace , the fact each and every color pf the palace was not painted but was made of different stones for that matter ,the mosque around the palace and the gardens around the palace were so fascinating. That moment itself was like being high because I was imagining the palace being made and it felt like re-living the past .

All in all the day was well spent and undoubtedly adds on to the memories that I’d cherish for life !!


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