Today’s Theme: Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness are two different meanings. Mental health can be understood simply as emotionally and well-being. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changing in thinking, emotion, or behavior. I really enjoyed this secession because it made me think clearly of what my emotions were. Today, my emotions were calm, tired, and excited. I was excited because I wanted to learn about how mental health affected India. In India, 1 in 5 people has some emotional and behavioral problems. This means that many people in India are suffering from common or severe mental disorder. Some of the people in India believes that mental health and illnesses does not exist. This plays a negative role in India because they failed to notice how dangerous mental problems can be. There are some people who cannot access to therapists because they do not seek mental attention nor have insurance. It will be great if the people could get free access to therapies and find solutions to help themselves.

Today was also tough and emotional because we had deep conversations about how an event affected us heavily. My story was more about a scary experience in my previous haunted house. It was really creepy and if I watched a scary movie, I will get really paranoid afterwards. The other people’s stories were very emotionally and when they cried as they were explaining their own story, I also cried alone with them. Even though it was sad and hard to talk about such events, it was also a good thing. I feel like we are able to connect more and understand each other better than before. I am glad that most of us were able to share our story and express our feelings to everyone. This is my most favorite secession out of the others so far. I also enjoyed doing quotes on my own pebble, but in the end, I had to give it away to someone else.

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