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Our Last Night Together

Time flew by so fast and now I am slowly realizing that this trip will be over and in only a day and a half I will be laying on my bed in my apartment in my town in my country just… staring at the wall and trying to recall this whole experience all over […]


Mental Health and Kindness Pebbles

If I could describe today’s session with just one word it would be EMOTIONAL! But I have to reach a certain word count in order for this to be a proper blog so I suppose I should elaborate a little. Today’s session was about mental health and its first half was concentrating on how people […]


Green Straw and Climate Change

LONG LIVE THE COCONUT! No, I am not trying to impose a new religion with the coconut as a supreme deity, I am just extremely impressed of the numerous ways this huge nut can be used in people’s lives not only as food, but also as an eco-friendly alternative of non-degradable materials. Turns out that […]


Welcome to Ahmedabad!

We had a rough night on our way to Ahmedabad. We got to dive in the Indian culture in a very unique way – by experiencing the extraordinary Indian train ride in a sleeping coach which was offering moving beds not only to our colourful group, but to all kinds of locals. Although sleeping in […]