Exploring Delhi

Yesterday morning the lizard’s of Delhi welcomed me. A lazy day in the beginning, went with sessions saying our experience and expectations. Though a lazy day when we were told finish the survey given by Tera, I boosted up my energy. Later we went for lunch in a common place where it was too crowded. […]

A Day at Delhi

We visited the two historical and monumental structures. One is Lotus temple and other one is India Gate. Both are rich in architecture. Lotus temple is so peaceful and Beautiful. One thing that I liked the most about Lotus temple is that there are no potential barriers for religion. All are one and live in […]

Ready to Explore Delhi

My first impression of when I first got to Delhi was that it was very humid but it was no different from what we have already encountered before I’m India. When I woke up, I was welcomed by a curious lizard right outside my door which reminded me of back home where lizards would rest […]

A Real Myth

Yesterday we visited the lotus temple… My first reaction was:” it’s maybe just a temple with a lotus garden” but no the temple is the garden… Each flower of this garden is a religion. And each religion represented who we are… That was not all… We have seen the New Delhi: these Happy kids, this […]

Path of History in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad itself gives me this indescribable feeling, that opened my eyes to a new fantastic point of view as it was once said in the song “A Whole New World”,  from Aladdin . This day I went to do the Ahmedabad’s heritage walk. I’ve seen plenty of new things like building compressed against each other […]


I am writing this blog because I am missing Ahmedabad right now. I had collected more memories from Ahmedabad. But I am missing art gallery a lot because it was my first experience to show my art in public. I had described my photo below “When I look the world, the world is also looking […]

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

“A picture tells a thousand words” for me today I came to witness the actual meaning of these words. I have never taken part in a photo exhibition and today it felt good to take part in one. I enjoyed explaining to people about my picture and explain my emotions towards the picture and the […]

The Issue of Colorism

A few days ago I meet Atish. Atish is a memeber of the Chara community, an extremely oppressed group in India that are constantly referred to as the community of criminals. This community has faced many struggles ranging from job refusal to people refusing to sell houses to them. Despite these struggles, the Chara community […]

The Galleria

On today’s journey in India the group was featured in a gallery. The subject their photography. It was amazing to see how everyone has their own style, their own vision. Although I find galleries boring and saddening; it brought a smile to my face to see their work. We all have been through some life […]

Gallery Walk

My group and I have been showing up to these sessions that teach us a lot about youth citizenship. One of the sessions is called mental health. I personally think mental health is very important to every human being on this earth . We should be knowing our health physically , mentally and emotionally . […]