Since the end of the Leadership Collective is approaching, I decided that it is time to devote one of my last posts to what impressed me most in India, to what will come to mind first every time I think about this country- HUMANS! Exactly 21 days ago I arrived in India convinced that my […]

Taj Mahal

Today we had a whole mission to get to the Taj Mahal. It was worth it though! We had a great exhausting experience . I struggled with my family together . And yet we had a good time matter what . We had to wake up 6am in the morning to get to the bus […]

It is Done

Two days before the end, a long day that ends … what should we say … already or finally? This is not the problem, what we really need to know is whether to endure the heat, the sweat, the sun was worth it. I can not speak for everyone, but for me, yes, I have […]

Last Moments

Sunday Morning , July 21. We have 2 days left together and it feels like I’m about to leave my family. It’s crazy how much people can make a huge impact on you and teach you so much in just a little amount of time! I’ve met some awesome people this month and I hope […]

From Strangers to Family

As our last weekend in India comes to a close , I can’t believe how far we’ve come as group! From complete strangers to family. From Mumbai to Delhi. From the gateway of India to the Taj Mahal, we’ve learned more in these last 3 weeks about ourselves and each other. I truly wouldn’t have […]

Gaining Knowledge and Experience in Ahmedabad

I spent 60% of my trip in Ahmedabad. We had six-hour classes each day for a week on various topics including inclusion, mental health, politics/caste system, Chhara community, LGBTQIA+ community, & Green Straw. While discussing these different type of discrimination in India, we talked about what we could do for our community focusing on these […]

Site-Seeing in New Delhi

Yesterday was our first full day in Delhi and to kick off the last leg of the trip, we visited two significant locations: Lotus Temple and the India Gate. The Lotus Temple is a place open to all people regardless of faith, nationality, or any other characteristic. However, it is a temple for the Baha’i […]

India where similarity/equality and bravery/valor

Lotus Temple Yesterday it was a beautiful and amazing day to us. We visited lotus temple . It is symbol of engineering and architecture. It is a new temple. It was built in 1986. It is a Baha”i’ house of worship. It is so peaceful and so beautiful temple. All are one and love in […]

Exploring Delhi

Yesterday morning the lizard’s of Delhi welcomed me. A lazy day in the beginning, went with sessions saying our experience and expectations. Though a lazy day when we were told finish the survey given by Tera, I boosted up my energy. Later we went for lunch in a common place where it was too crowded. […]

A Day at Delhi

We visited the two historical and monumental structures. One is Lotus temple and other one is India Gate. Both are rich in architecture. Lotus temple is so peaceful and Beautiful. One thing that I liked the most about Lotus temple is that there are no potential barriers for religion. All are one and live in […]