View of Ahmedabad

Today was a brilliant day because we visited so many places like Swami Narayan temple. In my community girls are not allowed to enter but in this Narayan temple in girls are allowed to enter and pray. Next we met the statue of a writer Dalpat Rai. His father was writing books and by watching […]

Tasting the history of Ahmedabad

Went for site seeing today, to be more specific went for a heritage walk today! It was fun today, really enjoyed going to different places and obviously it becomes more fun when a diverse group of people experiences the diversity of a place. The first thing we visited was the Swaminarayan temple. The hand carved […]

History of Ahmedabad

Today was a wonderful day and I learnt lots of things about Ahmedabad. Morning by 8:00am, we started to the step of our heritage walk. I found Ahmedabad basically a historical city with many architectures. We started our walk from a temple and ended up visiting the mosque. It was inspiring to me of the […]

If you want to experience India, come to Ahmedabad

Since this morning, I never thought that so many creeds can exist at one place! Today, we had a Heritage Walk around Ahmedabad through which I finally experienced the unique spirituality of India- the thing I was looking for the most before coming here! Ahmedabad is a mind-blowing city that carries centuries of history within […]

India’s Places

Today I visited many places in India like temples ,old city . Actually, I am very happy because, I got a lot of information about this country. Today I saw many things in this places , I saw temples where religion people use to pray . In Lebanon I watch this things only in T.V. […]

Welcome to Ahmedabad!

We had a rough night on our way to Ahmedabad. We got to dive in the Indian culture in a very unique way – by experiencing the extraordinary Indian train ride in a sleeping coach which was offering moving beds not only to our colourful group, but to all kinds of locals. Although sleeping in […]

Heritage of India – Ahmedabad

We get warm and sweet welcome from Sauhard team. They just showed the taste of Ahmedbad’s rich heritage and culture. They explained about Ahmedabad’s rich resources. They explained about Families, Gandhi ashrams, Institutions, Economy, Freedom fighters(Gandhi, Sardar vallabhai Patel,Morarji Ranchhodji Desai.) One thing I get to know by them is Top food restaurants in the […]

Journey To Ahmedabad

Arriving to the train station was something special to me. As a kid, I would imagine myself as a train conductor but growing up, I never actually rode a train. So when I was able to get inside of the train and found out that it also had beds, I was thrilled. Also, a lot […]

My First Day in Ahmedabad

The beginning of the day, I was too tired because I had traveled from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and in the morning I had reached here. The weather is very hot here and it made me feel very tired and uneasy. The weather of Ahmedabad is totally different from Mumbai, so in the morning I had […]

A New Adventure

If You Want To Know More About INDIA You Have To Ride The Indian Train. Yesterday was really good day, full with new experiences. We went to the train station at 10:00 pm, it actually looks very colorful from outside, we enter that station with exciting moments then we shocked by a lot of people […]