If You Want To Know More About INDIA You Have To Ride The Indian Train.

Yesterday was really good day, full with new experiences. We went to the train station at 10:00 pm, it actually looks very colorful from outside, we enter that station with exciting moments then we shocked by a lot of people waiting for their trips, we try to walk along the hallway to stay away from the people traffic, this hallway had polluted air and it was very hot inside.

We waited for an a hour , after that we entered the train, you can’t count the number of rooms in the train as they spread in a long trailers, in each room there were six beds can be opened and closed whatever you want. We put our stuff under the seats, then we move to our beds to make our new dreams by sleeping for 7 hours, waiting for reaching Ahmedabad. The service in the train was not bad and not good at the same time as the bathroom had a stinky smell as we felt comfortable while sleeping on beds.

Oh hey guys! look at this light coming from far place. Yeah it’s the sunrise and we reached Ahmedabad finally. Unfortunately we have to leave the train and leave the station to get our new hotel, we get our luggage and get ready to move forward. While we are going to exit the station we saw a lot of people looking for us like strangers and some of them try to sell us something like bananas, coffee and other things…in terms of my feelings when I get in the bus to the hotel, I felt so excited about the historical places that we are going to visit it in Ahmedabad as same as make the connection between my friends and me stronger like the family. 👭👬

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