Today it was really fun i got time to meet up with other girls who are in the same situation as me.

This Pratham school was established in 1995 to help young people to get good education and learn few skills that will help them to be employed. Most community youth they are not doing anything due to they not allowed to go to school and some they don’t want to go and learn,they stay home with their families so Pratham really helped many girls to finally reach the goals in life.
Hindi girls (at Pratham) have different sectors which are electrical sector, beauty sector they connected with government,this programme has reached 25000 people around India in a year,because many students live in the rural areas the training sector made it possible to be close around these areas.They spend 2 to 3 months training students at that particular area.

These are Indian heroes.
50%-Do the practical and other elements.


And they also developing some new skills for the Youth,the idea of this programme is to get young people employed. The families earn 4000 which is less to support the whole family,to spread the word and change the community they developed network which people volunteering to do the teachings in other areas.One of the problem they facing is that,the family members want them to work on the field with them. Pratham project use 200 tablet phones, 200 computer to teach the students and videos.

If you are doing beauty course you’ll face challenges like finance (credit score )to start your own business.The ladies must keep on fighting and never ever give up, so feed the dream starve the destruction. Keep on empowering the youth and be change you want to see in your country.

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