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My first impression of when I first got to Delhi was that it was very humid but it was no different from what we have already encountered before I’m India. When I woke up, I was welcomed by a curious lizard right outside my door which reminded me of back home where lizards would rest under the rocks next to the beach. Nonetheless, the morning was really nice which made me excited to start the day off on a right note.

The first place we visited today was the Lotus Temple which was really beautiful to look at even with the huge crowds approaching it. However, before we got entry, we got a chance to explore some history of its construction and the Baha’i Faith. Learning about how the Ottoman Empire persecuted the Baha’i Followers was very interesting but very sad at the same time. Once we got the chance to enter the Lotus Temple, I thought it was really heartwarming how anyone from any faith can go there and come collectively as one. Being that I was really fascinated by this idea, I got distracted and ended stubbing my toe really hard on one of the benches.

The last place we visited was the India Gate which is basically a war memorial. The memorial was nice and all but the heat and crowd made it a bit hard to enjoy. However, when I exited the India Gate and was able to look at it from afar, I became grateful for the chance in general to have been able to enjoy this experience with all these amazing people for the past month.

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