I am excited to see the Taj Mahal since I was in school. On 21 July we started at our hostel and we travelled through the bus to Agra where Taj Mahal is situated. The journey takes many hours to reach the destination. While travelling I could feel the green environment throughout the capital city. As a person addicted to nature its good to see the environment built in the Delhi. We had a songs and dance in the bus while travelling and good sleep too. We had a sweets and snacks by Sridar. When we entered in the gate of the Taj Mahal we divided into two groups and we had a useful information about Taj Mahal through the tourist guide. It always makes me surprised that the sculptures and the constructions of many monuments in India made by hand with a perfect finishing,now a days even machines can do mistakes in it. The construction is wonderful and the royal gate of Taj Mahal is very good way to enter into the Taj Mahal,but the story of the Shahjahan who built Taj Mahal showing love towards her lovable wife, and the thing he was imprisoned by his own crazy son makes me feels sad.

Then after visiting the Taj Mahal we had a great lunch at pizza Hut near Agra. the people who work there did a wonderful dance for us and we too joined them. I have learnt the lot of things by this trip.the one thing that I want share is opportunity makes us to learn a lot. As a young citizen of our community we have to create the opportunities for the other young minds around us. there is one slogan on SAUHARD people T-SHIRT that LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. If we really understood the meaning of this there will be a good change in the community.

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