Gateway of India

Hello everyone! I had an amazing day. I went to go see the Gateway of India, and learned more about the history. It was built more than a hundred years ago in 1914. It’s crazy to see how fascinating history can be. I never knew about the British troops left India. I saw many families […]

A First Days Walk

Today we had the amazing pleasure of going on a hike to the Bhaja caves. This opportunity made me very excited, because we hadn’t left the campus sense we had arrived in India. While I was just happy for a change in scenery little did I know I was about to witness the most stunning […]

The black and white picture of my history book

The black and white picture of my history book meet it’s colour today. Bhaja caves – A standing example of architectural excellence. Carved in 2nd century BC Bhaja caves consists of 22 caves. I saw the pictures of Bhaja Caves back in my primary school, and I was always fascinated by them. I always wondered […]

A Bhaja Experience

Today we visited the Bhaja caves. Truly a beautiful sight! We hiked to the top and despite the heavy rain, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Bhaja caves is an ancient heritage site located in Bhaje, Maharashtra, India. A group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century B.C. The caves are 400 feet […]

Journey to the Bhaja Caves

Although the viewing of the Bhaja Caves was the main activity, what really intrigued me was the journey to the caves rather than the caves themselves. On the bus ride to the site the group was finally able to get a glimpse of the real India! Able to see housing, local stores and markets, and […]

Encountering India – First Steps into the Western Ghats

We’ve been spending the first days of the program inside the awesome hotel we were staying at doing fun activities for getting to know each other, but although we liked playing in the safe and quite luxurious space the hotel offered us with its wonderful game room and convenient tea breaks between the entertaining team-building […]

Rain Won’t Stop My Day

Today, I was very excited to finally be able to leave the hotel and go explore new surroundings. Once we got to the location, rain started pouring on us and it made the hike up the hill much more intense and made my socks soggy. However, getting to the top and being able to witness […]

A Perspective on Independence & Group Circles

A Perspective on Independence The students started July 4 acknowledging that it was American Independence Day by listening to a rendition of America the Beautiful. The curriculum this day, because of its significance to one group of them, was focused on the concept of Independence and the dates and events which each student considered to […]

All Together on July 3rd

The Group was complete around 3am on July 3rd.A delayed breakfast, continued last minute rehearsals by the Indian/Nepali students and Alumni caused the official opening of Leadership Collective 2019 to be delayed to around mid-day. But it was worth the wait. WOW. The presentation from the subcontinent students/alumni involving a continuous and integrated serious of […]

Indian & Nepali Student Orientation

The Indian and Nepali students and alumni left their hostel in Mumbai to make the journey to the Kautilya Leadership Center at Kharghar, Maharashtra. On the way they did a pit stop at Panwel to taste a local delicacy – Vada Pav – a spicy potato pattie served between a soft bread roll. After a […]