Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad Old City

The day started with a visit to the Swami Narayan Temple which had beautiful carvings and was painted with colors extracted from the vegetables in old days.  The temple had the sense of peace and calmness and also the Beautiful architectural design made it unique. Then we went for a  heritage walk in the old […]

One Question in My Mind

After visiting the Ashram of Gandhi. There was one question in my mind. Why Gandhi was famous why not the some kings though they have power to decide during British rule over India? I found the very simple answer myself that Kings wanted to save their territory for their prestige not for peoples´ justice but […]

How Ahmedabad is Treating Us

So, today we separated. Of course we were all sad & we wished that we had more time together as a whole group, but I trust the leaders know what they are doing & I trust their reasoning. Although we parted ways this morning, we were able to reunite today when we went to a […]

My Experiences in Ahmedabad So Far

Getting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad has been a tiring and wonderful adventure. Ahmedabad, unlike Mumbai, has a very hot and sunny weather. I enjoy sunny places like Ahmedabad because it brings me excitement and happiness. We are slowly learning about the history and influences that took place in Ahmedabad. A very interesting subject that I […]

How Separation Breeds Inclusion

Today was the day we finally split up into three different hotels within our separate groups. Many were quite upset to leave friends they just started to strengthen bonds with, and I myself can say that I was not satisfied with the notion as well. After many hugs and dramatic cries the others were on […]

Father of the Nation

Once, in my childhood I learned and seen the pictures of the MAHATMA GANDHI and his SABARMATHI ASHRAM. Opportunity made me real to see and feel the emotions of the nation where GANDHI lived. As an Indian it’s really important to know that more about MAHATMA. It reminds me to share the things with my […]

View of Ahmedabad

Today was a brilliant day because we visited so many places like Swami Narayan temple. In my community girls are not allowed to enter but in this Narayan temple in girls are allowed to enter and pray. Next we met the statue of a writer Dalpat Rai. His father was writing books and by watching […]

Tasting the history of Ahmedabad

Went for site seeing today, to be more specific went for a heritage walk today! It was fun today, really enjoyed going to different places and obviously it becomes more fun when a diverse group of people experiences the diversity of a place. The first thing we visited was the Swaminarayan temple. The hand carved […]

History of Ahmedabad

Today was a wonderful day and I learnt lots of things about Ahmedabad. Morning by 8:00am, we started to the step of our heritage walk. I found Ahmedabad basically a historical city with many architectures. We started our walk from a temple and ended up visiting the mosque. It was inspiring to me of the […]

A walk through history

Today was an amazing experience. We started our day of with the heritage walk trough the old city in Ahmedabad. Our first stop was A Hindu temple build in the 1800s. The walls of the building were filled with figures and carvings of people and gods. Being a polytheistic religion there were indeed many gods […]