I often used to ask question what are friends? I used to answer myself: friends are those who are selfish, cheater, wants only entertainment, fun and want to bully to make down. I think this thought came in my mind because there are no friends in my community. I used to live alone in my […]


Today I learnt some techniques to spread knowledge. Sauhard team came up with some different acts about how youth are excluded. I learnt about Fifth space . It is a space beyond Family, Friends, Education and Leisure. We had some fun activities. The session was so creative and interactive with each one of our ideas. […]


The plant is inside the room and it seems happy, healthy and clean to us. But the reality is that the plant is deprived of freedom. He is forcefully brought from his native place and compelled to survive in a neighborhood where he has no one to talk to and no one he can express […]

Try Shira!!

Today was such an amazing day! My group had learnt about the LGBTQIA+ community in India, seen an elephant, went to a park, and even had pizza for dinner. However, the main highlight of my day was lunch, where I discovered shira. Shira looks like mashed potatoes but is actually really sweet and left a […]


I have a question for you all. If there is your Island ,How will you make it values and rules in Island that you want to change your Island? Today we 6 members make our own Island with different thoughts, opinions. We named our Island IGNITE. In our Island we want: 1. School 2. No […]

ACHOO! Sorry, I’m homesick

I miss my mom. That’s my personal struggle when it comes to being somewhere new. The first couple of days on the trip were interesting, especially for my stomach. My body was not ready for the food I was about to feed it and boy did I got sick. Being in that state made me […]

In the world of politics & casetism, one effort to move on

Today we learn a lot of about the politics & casteism. It was an amazing day for me. We can forget the day. We can forget the guy but we can’t forget today’s knowledge. Because I don’t know how explain it but I’m explaining…I’m explaining that we started the season at about 9.30am but we […]

Caste and Politics: Beyond India

The reason that I applied for the Leadership collective is simple: youth citizenship. This year’s theme couldn’t have matched my interests more. I’m interested in all things related to law and government. I firmly believe that these institutions are the bedrock of our society. Today, my group had a workshop with Naveen from the Centre […]


Today all three groups separated & departed to their, (feels like far away) homes. It kind of left a toll on us because we were just creating new & connecting more bonds. I know that it will be okay in the long run because the leaders have made very trusty decisions for us and I […]

My Life is My Message

On July 10th, our leadership collective went to the Gandhi Ashram. It was like walking through Gandhi’s life step by step. It was a truly amazing experience that I will cherish. My life is my message. My life is a blur. The way I live my life is how I try to show my message. […]