Last night was actually the best night for me ever since we separated into three groups. I don’t know if it’s actually because we were just Introduced to the concept of safe space during yesterday’s session on inclusivity and maybe just maybe that allowed me to not only warm up to everyone but to finally […]

Green Straw and Climate Change

LONG LIVE THE COCONUT! No, I am not trying to impose a new religion with the coconut as a supreme deity, I am just extremely impressed of the numerous ways this huge nut can be used in people’s lives not only as food, but also as an eco-friendly alternative of non-degradable materials. Turns out that […]

Mental Health Brings Wealth

Today was a very interesting day. Woke up this morning and I don’t know what we was gonna do. We ended up going to this college, called Saint Xavier‘s. At this college we met up with a very nice psychologist, who recently graduated from college. Apparently she has been working so hard for a long […]

A New Form of Knowledge

So yesterday, we had a session on youth inclusiveness. We did many activities and played many games which all had a deeper meaning. Sitting down after the fun, I really began to think about the purpose. One of the common denominators was that we, the youth, took problems into our own hands and made our […]

Today’s Theme: Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness are two different meanings. Mental health can be understood simply as emotionally and well-being. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changing in thinking, emotion, or behavior. I really enjoyed this secession because it made me think clearly of what my emotions were. Today, my emotions were calm, tired, and excited. […]

Mental Health

Today my group had a mental health workshop! I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of it, I was glad to share this experience with my group. When we first came in we learnt the difference between mental health and mental illness, often times people confuse both terms. However, […]

Ecological Sustainability: Our Last Hope

Today we learned about ecological sustainability. Their is a problem on our hands in today’s society and is called global warming. As society tries to deny this truth with false facts and phony politicians who are funded by big corporations which are the major causes of this issue. The major problems used to be called […]


Today I saw the dream that I was a male gay person. I became shocked that I am behaving like a female. I have seen changes on me .l wanted to hangout with girls and wanted to have lifestyles of girl. Slowly I saw hated, discrimination by my parents, community, friends and teachers because I […]

The Talk

Today the group had the pleasure of learning about the LGBTQ+ community of India. The presentation, by Aditi Rindani, highlighted the many problems and misconceptions that the community faces day to day. It also showed some of the important milestones that were overcome when challenging the laws against gay rights. In addition, the group had […]

Change The Mindset

Today was a good day. Today we went to college with school, that it seems like a lot of people attend. Today we discussed about the LGBTQIA+ community, and this is in just the where is discrimination that they face around the world and specifically in India. What I found very interesting today was day […]