Chhara Theater

Today we visited in Chhara community. Aatish was telling us a story about Chhara community. I expect that we will learn drama but I learned how Aatish is helping to Chhara? I was feeling good because I thought that today I will learn drama. At first we visited in prison of old Chhara community. In […]

Journey to Our Minds

Yesterday (16th July) was a great day because we went to the Green sSraw organization building to attend a long session there. We started the session with cleaning up the street by collecting trash from the ground and put it in plastic bags, so we wore gloves then we started collecting the trash till we […]


We have a common name that is HUMAN but human is divided into many classes, castes, countries. Due to dividing this we get our own identity. This identity is the most prestige thing whose shows our manner and history. Today we went in Chhara community. Chhara is the caste of 200 people . During British […]

Mental Health at St. Xavier’s

We had a special day at the Mental Health Center at “St. Xavier” University. Yesha Kotadia – a consulting psychologist, offered her time to explain the meaning behind the terms mental health and mental illness to us. Mental health is mandatory for living a happy life, protecting and taking responsibility for other people’s lives in […]

Mental Health Session

Today we went to St. Xavier’s College. Today’s topic was mental health. Mental health thought by Yasha Kotodia. Whatever I expect I got it. Like I expect, what is mental health and illness? This all things I learned. I want to learn, how do we now that people are in mental illness? Which type of […]

Mental Health Myths

Today, my group and I attended Ms. Yesha’s session about how mental health is perceived in India. By participating in various activities which included myth ranking, acting, and analyzing a specific scenario of someone seeking help in India, it came to my surprise that many citizens of this country do not take mental health seriously. […]

Criminals From Birth

Today we traveled to chharana (forgive my spelling) —  A place located in East Ahmedabad that housed a group of people who were a denotarized tribe or in other words a criminal tribe. As soon as we arrived I felt this overwhelming sadness in my heart. The place was very different then the other places […]


Today is a Eye opener for me because I get to knew the hidden truth in Society about Chhara community. Chhara community is tagged as criminals by birth because they do liquor sneaking. And they are denotified tribes in India. Liquor sneaking is not their actual profession. They are forced to sneak liquor at the […]

Session on LGBTQIA community

It was so great to be part of today’s session which was focusing on the LGBTQIA community. I have always wanted to know better about this community and I always wanted to understand the perspective of the people in this community and that was my expectation prior the site visit and I must say I […]


Today was an amazing day. We had a session on mental health and I learned a lot like the difference between mental health and mental health illness. The person taking the session was very friendly and supportive. She bonded with all the group members very nicely. I found the sessions very interactive as well personal. […]